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Bespoke Barriers

Acoustic barriers tailor-made for your needs

We can make acoustic noise control barriers of any size, shape or color at our design and manufacturing facility. We can put your company logo on each barrier, or print a spectacular design to span the width of your site. So if you’ve won the contract for a large, prestigious project, let your barriers make a compelling statement about your brand to thousands of passers-by.

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Beskpoke Echo Barrier dragon print.
We can make our hand-finished noise barriers to suit your specific requirements—whether you need a unique size or shape for an unusual project, or want to promote your brand, deliver an advertising message or make a splash with an eye-catching design.
Our design and manufacturing facility offers full-color digital printing, to give you high-res images on each individual barrier or across multiple barriers. Printed on weatherproof, high-quality PVC material, we guarantee your colors will never fade.
We can put your company logo on our acoustic barrier panels to promote your organization. We can print messages you want the local community to hear about. And we can produce barriers in your company colors.

Make a statement

Let your imagination run free, and grab the attention of passers-by. We can customize our hand-finished barriers any way you wish. We can print your chosen image on each individual barrier, or across multiple barriers to run the length of your site—whether it’s your company logo, advertising message, striking design, or a recreation of the building that lies behind your acoustic fencing.

Environmental trees print on barrier.
beskpoke city scape background
Bespoke double dragon barrier

Express your brand

Let people know you’re working hard to minimize noise pollution in their community, by expressing your brand through our barriers. We can print your logo on each barrier, and add a message that promotes the good work of your organization. We can produce barriers in your company colors, or you can choose any color on the RAL spectrum to suit the surrounding environment.

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Does your project have specific noise control needs? Do you want your acoustic fencing to make a statement about your organisation? Speak to one of our sales advisors about our bespoke service today.

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